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Aida Andino: Becoming a Leader

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"Eventually I will have to go back to my country, but I don't know how I will leave my Colectiva. They opened the door for me and never closed it."

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I'm Aida Andino, I am 40 years old, and I'm from Honduras. I have been in La Colectiva for five years. La Colectiva is a group of immigrants. As part of this organization, I have been the Flyering Coordinator. Three years ago I got the Orientation Coordinator position because I like to motivate more women to join the organization, get more work and develop their leadership skills, just like I have done.

I feel good being a part of this organization because through it I have supported my children and now they are professionals, and I've also made them a pretty little house where my children are now doing very well. My daughter has asked me, "What kind of work do you do?" I said, "I clean houses.” And she told me that this is honest and dignified work.

La Colectiva sent me to take Heart Healing courses with another organization. Guille, Jill, and Hannah always encourage me; they tell me, "You can do it!". Also, I took the Health and Safety training course that helped me learn to use non-toxic products, which are essential for our health and the health of our employers.

For me, La Colectiva is very important because it has helped me a lot, and I feel proud to be part of the organization. At some point I have to leave and go back to my country because I know that returning is the thing that I want most, but I don't know how I will leave my Colectiva where they opened the door to me and never closed it. I thank God for having found this support in La Colectiva.