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Teresa Delgado: Caring for Each Other

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"My employer was there for me, since she knew I had no family here."

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My name is Teresa Delgado, I am 42 and I am from Mexico. I have been working with Mary for over 13 years. I began without knowing much English, so I always push myself to learn more words, and I have always worked to do the best I could at my job. After some time I told them I could also do the laundry and they accepted my offer. Little by little the quantity of my work has grown, but without any abuse.

What I've felt in my job has been trust and understanding, particularly during my pregnancies. I worked to the best of my abilities and Mary never asked me to take on more than I could. One of her daughters lived near my house and while I was pregnant she would pick me up and give me a ride home. I was so relieved and thankful for her daughter's help since I would be tired from the day's work and at least that day I wouldn't have to wait for the bus. I also never forgot the time when I was in labor and Mary called the hospital, and I couldn't answer but the doctor answered for me. They were worried about me since they knew that I had no family here. I asked them for two months of maternity leave from work after my sons were born, and they gave it to me with pay. I was able to take my sons to work, with the first until he was 3 years old and with the second for one year.

When she cancels work she still pays me. She helps me if there are opportunities for more work, and she makes sure they will pay me well. I feel very proud of the work that this person gives me, more than anything else because I am valued. My work is valued and I think that this job is just as dignified as any other type of work. It doesn't matter that I don't have higher education, instead it matters that I value myself and that I feel very proud of the work I do, since with this work I can provide for my family. Mary is really pleased that my family and I are doing so well.